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System Alliance Europe

Customer focus - Quality leadership

"There is a new, powerful groupage freight network in Europe.“

... thus reads the first announcement from the headquarters of the newly-founded company, System Alliance Europe Partnership, on 7 June 2005.
"The cooperation is starting with 16 leading, medium-sized freight forwarders from 5 European countries and wants to conquer the market with its strong, unified logistics competence.“

Currently 50 partners with 179 branches from 25 countries belong to System Alliance Europe.


The future belongs to those who recognize the possibilities.

System Alliance Europe stands for ground-breaking and innovative competence in the logistics business.

From the beginning, we have set exceedingly ambitious quality goals for ourselves. By standardized guidelines, we guarantee a high level of performance within the entire cooperation. This places far-reaching requirements upon our partners, so that we have incorporated only the leading logistics experts within our network.

Through our continually developed, innovative services, we concentrate our excellent know-how for the highest service requirements of our customers.

We pursue the needs of our partners and customers consistently and adjust our actions in accordance with market conditions.

As a European cooperation we continually plan and act with the focus on the different conditions in the countries of our partners.

9 Star Quality

System Alliance Europe keeps quality at the forefront in the cooperation.

Convincing people, uniting markets and connecting industries with 9-Star Quality.

Local - Acting locally with the best regional partner

European - Supporting our customers' business all over Europe

Tailor-Made - one face for the customers and their individual requirements

Digital - Performing digitally with state-of-the-art IT competence

Transparent - Working with total process visibility

Reliable - Keeping promises and delivering on time

Unique - distinguished quality and elaborate monitoring

Innovative - improving constantly through dynamic development

Flexible - Offering flexibility with an eye on the goal